Testimonials - Auto Repair Shop in Arlington, VA

Its rare to find an auto repair facility as great as Westover - both in terms of skill and honesty. I've been going there for 3 years and they always get it right, do it fast, price it fair, and on more than one occasion when they found some small issue they fixed it at no addition cost. I would not ago anywhere else, highly recommended. And they have the best gas prices on this stretch of Lee Highway!

- Jim. K
Great Service! Mark did a fantastic job providing a used car pre-purchase inspection and gave terrific advice. The staff is great - extremely knowledgeable about a host of car issues.
- Jon S.
I have been benefiting from the stellar service at Westover Service Center for many years. However, recent discussions with my colleagues that have not been receiving this high level of quality service has prompted me to write this review. It would be one thing to simply state that Westover Service Center and all of their team (Mark, Stephanie, /Don, James and others), really care about their customers, provide great service and foster trust. But I would like to go a few steps further. I have a 2010 GMC Terrain. Not a very old vehicle but I just looked and it has about 94,000 miles on it. I have not EVER had an issue with this vehicle for any of these miles. Why? With this vehicle I decided from the day I bought it new to have Westover Service Center do all of the service - that's right NOT the dealership. I did this because of my experience with three other vehicles serviced by Westover Service Center. After years of seeing and understanding the difference it became overwhelmingly clear that using solely the services of Westover Service Center was the smart way to go. The next example is one that not many people may relate to but it does show how far Westover Service Center will go to provide good service. You see, since 2011 I have had a 1964 Cadillac. This is now a car over 50 years old and if you take a look around there are NOT many places you can go to get a car like this serviced. And its not hard to believe that a car this old needs work from time to time due to its age. Well, Westover Service Center not only took the time and effort to get to know this vehicle (read up on it, used my old service manual) but they have made it TOTALLY drive-able and safe. They even installed seat belts in it for me. So, I will close this review with this: Again, what separates this service provider from many, many others is not just the service. These are people that you can TRUST. They are NOT out to rip you off or try to get you to pay for services you don't need. They VALUE providing good service and just want you to come back when you need service.

It is a pleasure writing this and I wish Westover Service Center continued success.
- Sam J.
Unless my empty light comes on somewhere far away, this is where i fill up. been coming here every week for years now. i havent had any major work done here because my cars have always been under warranty, but i have had an oil change or two and some minor fixes done and mark & the team have always been friendly and helpful. prices are always fair. the gas prices here are among the best in the area.
- Kelly B.
I've been taking my cars to Westover for servicing for many years, and I've been very pleased. Mark and his crew do good work and over the years they've saved me a ton of money. Mark is honest, organized, experienced, and considerate -- even arranging for drop-off and pick-up at my house. Especially appreciated is his willingness to fit me into his always-busy schedule when I need my car in and out quickly. (And I agree with the other reviewer about how nice it is to get free air for tires there.)
- J.P.
Earlier this year I needed a quick car inspection and noticed there was no line at Westover Service Station. I drove up and they did the inspection quickly and efficiently. The woman in the office is really personable and they seemed like a well-run operation so I decided to go back if I ever needed car help. Today I got a screw in my tire and needed a patch. I called first to ask if they could do it right away and she said come right over. There were quite a few cars at the station so I was worried I would have to wait, but they plugged the tire immediately and I was out of there in 15 minutes. The technician explained everything to me (not that a tire plug needs much explanation, I was just curious about the procedure) and even checked my tire pressure all around. I had a really good experience and would not hesitate to recommend them.
- K M R.